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Dr. Beverly CrockettThe Author & The Leadership Trainer

I am Dr. Beverly A. Crockett, author of Just Run The Race and Just Run The Race – You Are A Champion.  As a writer, additionally I have contributed to Sheri Keys 7th book, “Finding Fulfillment in the Spiritual Age.”  I am currently collaborating with Zoe Life Publications to produce an anthology that will feature 15 co-authors in the book titled, “Learning to Fly With Broken Wings!”   This project is set to include anyone who has or is being affected by any life changing illness in any form; family members and caregivers included.  Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Cancer, Crohns’ and Lymes’ disease and others are just a few of these debilitating illnesses that we want to bring awareness.   As the mother of a 14+ year Lupus survivor, bringing awareness to the public about these devastating, debilitating diseases has become one of my passions. 

Executive Business Writing is a company that I developed several years ago to assist many who neither have the time or perhaps even the skill set to successfully and professionally produce various writing projects.  I am a successful proofreader and editor and have several projects to my credit.  My assignment is to coach one through the writing process and develop their manuscript into a successful book that can be enjoyed by their target audience.  At Executive Business Writing our motto is, “We Write So You Don’t Have To!” We specialize in producing professional resumes, business plans and grant writing as well.

As a public speaker, I have had the privilege to cut my teeth on a few internet radio talk shows such as LA Talk Show Radio on the “Mother Love Show,” “The MARKitYOU Show,” with Dr. Kathy L. Sanders and most recently on “Praising with the Pastor,” hosted by Pastor Kenneth Starks on

I have facilitated several workshops as a faculty member of Community Action Partnership Riverside County (CAP-Riverside).  With the decline in employment opportunities this country has faced, many people have been laid off or even lost their jobs.  As such, many companies have had to supplement the work force with volunteers, some of whom have retired from years of service.  For several years I have successfully enlightened non-profit and for profit companies, businesses and organizations on how to properly train volunteers as well as how to abundantly reward them for the awesome leadership work they perform daily in the community.

As an Associate Pastor of Christian Education, I have facilitated and trained leaders in the spiritual community through various workshops, conferences and seminars. I have served as the keynote speaker at the Prolific Women’s Conference, COGP Spring Convocation and several empowering, life changing leadership preparation classes in my local church such as “How to Prepare Sermons,” “Through the Bible in One Year,” and “Teaching to Change Lives.” For specific details and booking information, please feel free to send an email to or call (951)268-0365.  Also, take a moment and stop by my website at  We are happy to assist in your area of need.

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