Dr. Crockett’s commitment to her craft is evident in the quality of her writing and the positive reviews from those who have read her works.

Just Run the Race

Stand up and walk in your true calling!

Just Run The Race, You Are a Champion

Many are the challenges we face, some of which can quite possibly leave you feeling hopeless, helpless and discouraged.

The words in this book were penned not only to inspire but to motivate and empower you to know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. With that, you can rise up from whatever situation or circumstance may have grounded or thwarted your purpose. Move forward and go on to become the Champion you were designed to be! Just know, if you are reading this, it’s not too late for destiny and purpose to find you.

“Just Run the Race – You Are a champion” delivers a universal message of endurance, patience and the process by which to obtain championship status in life. It drives home, the mentality, stamina, and stance required to map out your destiny. Follow the plan and finish the race that has been ordained and designed for you.

Many Run the Race, but far less cross the finish line indicative of the completion of their goals, dreams, and vision.

Bringing it all into the light.

Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But...

In a world where leaders and influencers often use deceit to advance their agendas, Dr. Beverly Crockett is challenging them to take the path less traveled and walk in truth.  In her new book, “Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth: The Power and Perils of Adulthood,” she offers a powerful guide to living a more honest, authentic, and spirit-filled life.

Dr. Crockett, who holds a doctorate in counseling, emphasizes the importance of truthfulness in maturing and growing into an accountable, responsible, and faith-driven adult.  The personal stories and expert insights she shares in her book are beacons for readers living in the darkness of dishonesty.

“Dr. Crockett and I have connected in ministry on many levels, and one thing that I know for sure is she has a heart for people to be all that they are ‘called’ to be,” said Rosalind Green, author of “Birthing the Fire in Your Belly,” and Chief Executive Officer of Faith and Works 360.  “Not just in thought, but in deed, as well.  Her passion is to see men and women from all walks of life walking in their truth. That goes for ministers, parents, teachers, anyone who has a position of authority in the lives of those they lead.”

Take your book from dream to published!

Big Dreamer, Light Sleeper, You've Got a Story

This book will awake you from your dreams of writing, propel you from the many sleepless nights you’ve experienced due to life’s endless delays, and launch you into selling your story to the masses. After all, you’ve already paid the price to share it!

You may have a gazillion questions regarding your dream of writing a book. You are also probably interested in not only how and what to write, but how to turn your book into a profitable business. Writing a book is just the first step. What happens after you write it is just as important as writing it. Whether it’s a children’s book, cookbook, how-to book, your bio, fiction, or non-fiction book, you need to know what steps to include when you finally get to that point.

I’ve gone through the process of self-publishing several times. If I can prevent you from going through what I have experienced in this business, then I will have accomplished the goal of this book by simply telling my story and sharing the knowledge, skills, and abilities that I have amassed.

They got through it, you can too.

Survival Living Life By Design

Sometimes the perils of life can cause one to find themselves in situations and circumstances that are challenging, humiliating, and even debilitating. Where does one find the strength and the courage to endure?

Inside the pages of Survival: Living Life by Design, 19 brave co-authors boldly share their journey of survival and how they overcame some of life’s greatest obstacles. From abandonment to abortion, from illness to illicit affairs, from mental illness to molestation, from drug abuse to physical abuse, though each story is different, there is one common thread, and that is the will and the determination to persevere, despite the odds that were seemingly stacked against them.

Their story might be your story or that of a friend or loved one. Know this; they survived, and so can you!

Here's why so many people are choosing to Self-Publish their books.

Self-publishing offers numerous benefits to first-time authors who are looking to bring their work to the world. One of the most significant advantages is creative control. With self-publishing, authors have the freedom to make all the decisions regarding their work, from the content and cover design to the marketing and distribution strategy. This creative freedom ensures that the author’s vision is fully realized in the final product. Here’s why I love self-publishing.

What else do people say?

Here’s what a few readers had to say.

“FINALLY a well-written book with searing emotion and honesty from a great orator and author about overcoming life’s challenges to become a bonafide champion! Dr. Beverly Crockett has seemingly managed to provide yet another insightful, practical, and engaging and tool that inspires the masses to take control of their emotions and lives, infusing you with strength, courage, hope, and the spiritual guidance that you need to overcome your life’s experiences and setbacks, endure the race set before you, and come out a REAL champion!”
K. Elle Jones
K. Elle Jones
Coach, Blogger, Speaker, Actress, Producer
Dr. Beverly Crockett has done it again by providing her Gift to us through the text of “Just Run The Race – You Are a Champion,“ the first installment of a series of very inspirational, God driven, God ordained words to “run” by. Now, It is a reminder that regardless of life’s challenges God has ordained us as a “Champion.” She has penned God’s blessed words to remind us that “We Are Champions,” in spite of the hurdles in our careers, the distance to the finish line, or the height of the bar we have vault in our personal or spiritual lives. “We are Champions!”
Victoria Frye
Diversity and Inclusion Professional
Many believers have the knowledge that we are winners and this is true. It is our God-given position. The attributes and faith of a champion enlightens us to step up to the plate as the challenger and not merely the challenged. I am so thankful that Dr. Crockett has written on the topic of champion. The concept of champion. The concept of champion versus winner was simply awesome! If you would like to sharpen your tools to transition into another vein of insight of authority, I recommend that you read this book.
Apostle Duane Spencer
Apostle Duane Spencer
Apostle, End Time Ministries of Moreno Vallcy, CA

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