Executive Business Writing in collaboration with Beverly Crockett Ministries presents the Purpose & Empowerment Summit 2018. This event has been developed with you in mind.

Have you ever wanted to find out exactly how to put the steps in motion to pursue the very thing about which you are passionate?

Now you can obtain the tools, directions, and access the information necessary to not only embrace, but move forward in realizing and activating that very plan.


November 30 - December 1

Riverside, California


noun. a cherished hope; aspiration; ambition

Many people are searching to find out what their purpose in life is and are constantly asking the question(s), “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose in this world?” “What is it that I’m supposed to be doing that I’m not?” “Once I discover what that is, how do I achieve it?” As we attempt to navigate through our daily lives that include our family assignments, careers, business decisions, health challenges and more, we experience trials and triumphs along the way. 

But…. what is that ‘thing’ that drives and fuels the thought process; that ‘thing” that keeps folk awake at night, that they are constantly writing their thoughts down about; they are hesitant to share with even those that are the closest to them? Ever wondered how they struggle to get it out of their head into a viable, living, breathing, life-changing idea, that charts it course and lands right where it is targeted to be? We have; and we know the answer and have found the solution!

Who We Are

Who We Are

The presenters for the Purpose & Empowerment Summit are a team of professional, successful coaches, mentors, and visionaries that are ready to impart new sources of insight into your creative potential. We’re position to share with you how to navigate through the process, and land right where we you are supposed to be.

Bev and Elle

What We Do

We offer ‘Thinking Workshops,’ that fuel your creative confidence, by teaching you how to stop procrastinating, relieve anxiety, boost self-confidence, and kick-starting your purpose! We share how to design, implement, and maintain your vision, with manageable, modern methods.

Why we do it.

Why We Do It

Are you one who has spent weeks, months, and even years struggling to find that ‘right’ path, door, or element trying to discover the reason ‘why you are here?’ Perhaps you’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the process. So have we and your search ends here!

About Your Host

Dr. Beverly Crockett, CEO, Beverly Crockett Ministries

Executive Business Writing

Dr. Beverly Crockett

Executive Business Writing is a company developed several years ago by Dr. Beverly Crockett to assist many who neither have the time or perhaps even the skill set to successfully and professionally produce various writing projects.

She is a successful author, publisher, proofreader and editor with several projects to her credit. She owns that one of her assignments is to coach one through the writing process and develop their manuscript into a successful book that can be enjoyed by their target audience.  In the last 12 months, she has published multiple first-time authors with phenomenal success. At Executive Business Writing their motto is, “We Write So You Don’t Have To!” In addition, Dr. Beverly, as she is affectionately known, is proficient in business start-ups, board development, research and development, tax exempt status for potential non-profit organizations, and more.  Executive Business Writing specializes in producing professional documents including curriculum vitaes, resumes, business plans and grant writing as well.

Are you in a place of apprehension about your vision, dreams, and how to map out a plan to bring them to manifestation?

Where you are in life and how you perceive and process what you have experienced, has everything to do with how you view who you are. There are times when we have allowed toxic people in our lives which can distort our vision of who we are and what we are capable of achieving. The Purpose & Empowerment Summit 2018 was constructed to be the eye-opening, directional shift on an immediate, progressive, and mature level.

Have you ever struggled with the fear of accelerating to the next level, dimension, or movement that is designed for your business, ministry or personal life?

We believe in you and desire to help you expel those fears. These breakout sessions are designed to assist you in embracing the ‘new;’ by fueling your expectations and readiness for the ‘next,’ by providing tangible tools for the journey.

Have you ever been told that you weren’t qualified enough, too young, too old, or didn't have the education or experience, to do what has been in the very core of your being?

Now is the time to release any negative thoughts you may have about your abilities and claim your destiny. When purpose, empowerment, and destiny meet, there is an explosion that takes place in the atmosphere! The topics of the workshops and these amazing presenters are positioned to ignite the atmosphere during this summit, and release that purpose in you! 

Event Presenters

Well over 50 years of wisdom, knowledge, and experiences. Look forward to real transformation.

Beverly Crockett

Dr. Beverly Crockett

Executive Business Writing

How to Become a Published Author & Business Start-up 101

This dynamic entrepreneur started decades ago writing newspaper columns, small articles, and booklets. She has been employed by various companies in her early days, never knowing that she would one day realize her dream of owning her own business; particularly in the writing and publishing arena.

Her desire to push others into their destiny has afforded her the opportunity to publish three first-time authors in a period of six months. None of these projects would be successful without the amazing team of editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers that make up the awesome team of Executive Business Writing.

In this factual breakout session, you will get basic information on how to become a published author in a very short period of time. You will walk away with valuable, pertinent information on how to reach your publishing goal.

The second breakout session that you will benefit from Dr. Beverly Crockett will take you step by step on how to start your own business.  From finding out if the name of your company is available, to incorporating your business, to writing bylaws, to comprising your board of directors, as well as how to formulate a meeting agenda. This information will encourage and propel you to stop procrastinating and get busy!

Linita Dawkins

Linita Dawkins Butler

Lovelylocs Natural Haircare

Healthy In ~ Healthy Out

This breakout session will provide you with an overview of some urgent research findings that correlates personal health and your hair. Ultimately, people of color need to explore natural hair care options to maximize their health and prevent diseases. She will also share natural hair care products that add moisture, have multiple uses, and are great for healing and hair restoration.

Victoria Frye

Victoria Frye

Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Teach Me How To Be Whole

Having a career as a high profile diversity officer, Victoria has mastered ways of relieving stress through education, nutrition, and physical movement. As a Certified Yoga Instructor she uses movement modalities to educate her students as to how to bring wholeness to themselves by identifying and dealing with trauma, without dependency upon others. She will lend her expertise to get you out of that stagnant place and jump start you into well being, physically and emotionally.

Rosalind Green

Rosalind Green

Speak Write Teach, LLC

Blogging and Social Media: You CAN Make a Living While You Make a Difference

A published author, speaker, and coach, Ros takes her greatest pleasure in helping the purpose-driven entrepreneur, put their message "out there" through books, blogs, and broadcasts. She believes that you should be doing what you love and loving what you do. In this session, Ros will share how blogging can be implemented with your purpose, calling, and destiny.  You leave not just inspired, but with a real plan of action that gets you on the road to sharing your message with the world.

K. Elle Jones

K. Elle Jones

ELLEvate Now!

From Pain To Profit: How Tragedy Catapulted My In-Demand Media Brand

Elle will share how tragedy catapulted her in-demand media brand, as well as the keys to releasing the story within. Her passion is to help women develop their unique voice and amplify their powerful voices by creating digital content. This provides the opportunity tell to their stories in the most authentic and captivating ways. She lends her 20+ years’ experience as a television host, actor, author and speaker, coupled with her work as a journalist, and her marketing and advertising abilities to bring a vision to fruition.

Duane Spencer

Apostle Duane Spencer

Founder & C.E.O. of End Time Ministries

Leadership Workshop Discovering your Gifts & Talents

Apostle Duane Spencer is prolific in Leadership Training as is evidenced in his profound abilities to accurately facilitate and execute classroom training, workshops, and seminars to the masses all over the United States. His vision of strengthening the Body of Christ through spiritual, social, and economic training, has been realized and received by many for well over 20 years. He has an innate ability to recognize, nurture, and assist in the perfecting of gifts and talents within those he encounters.

Tracy Spencer

Lady Tracy Spencer

First Lady, End Time Ministries

Discover the Majesty of Graphic Design

Lady Tracy Spencer is one of the top premiere graphic artists in Southern California. Her creation of signs, charts, logos, line art, symbols, geometric designs, book covers, book trailers, flyers, and more, are extraordinary. She will share with you how vitally important basic graphic design principles are, and how it can enhance your business, book, professional and/or personal branding. Lady Tracy is well versed in the art of combining text, pictures, and ideas in advertisements, publications, or websites.  

Alofa Vaioleti

Alofa Vaioleti

Paradise of Love Care, LLC

The Merging of Passion and Purpose

Six months into assisting her Mom, Alofa quit her job as a technician and for the last 5 years, she has been the proprietor of Paradise of Love Care, LLC, as a result of her name being submitted to Kaiser Permanente as a top caregiver. Ms. Vaioleti discovered her passion for caring for the elderly while working as a Technician for the Alameda County Sheriff's Department. Follow Alofa Vaioleti as she shares tips and resources to assist you in turning your passion into your purpose.


You Will Not Leave the Same Way You Came

Lorraine Anderson

Pastor Lorraine Anderson

Wailing Wall Prayer Ministries

Summit Intercessor Will Be Praying For You

Pastor Lorraine Anderson, a Los Angeles native, is the founder of the Wailing Wall Prayer Ministries, located in Southern California. She will exercise the gift of prayer throughout the Purpose & Empowerment Summit 2018. All facets will be covered; from the speakers, to the attendees, to the contents, to with what you walk away, leaving nothing excluded. 

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Individual - $197
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Individual VIP Registration - $247

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  3. Special Meet & Greet With Refreshments

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Marriott Riverside at the Convention Center

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