Executive Business Writing was developed to bring professional services right to your desktop.  We are a company that was established several years ago to assist many who neither have the time, nor perhaps even the skill set, to successfully and professionally produce various writing projects.

I’ve known for years that I was to write several books, but I just didn’t know where to start.  Sound familiar?  I have authored, “Just Run The Race,” “Just Run The Race – You Are A Champion,” and I have co-authored “Finding Fulfillment in the Spiritual Age.”   “Just Run The Race,” started out as a sermon that I was preparing to deliver to a congregation in Alta Dena California. With urging from friends and family members, I was able to develop it into my first book!  My second book came at the urging of a professional who felt the need to pull another book out of me as a type of sequel to the first book.  I finished that manuscript months before the books was published and was totally frustrated at how long the process was taking. Does that too sound familiar to you? That is just another reason why Executive Business Writing can assist you in a timely fashion to get your vision back into your hands. When we return your manuscript to you, it will be ready for printing!

Resumes and Curriculum Vitae

Executive Business Writing is the “go to” source for all of your writing needs.  If you are in need of a resume or curriculum vitae, we are precise at matching your expertise with the necessary requirements for a position.  Your resume as a finished product, will grab the attention of the most savvy employment recruiter!  Perhaps your goal is becoming an adjunct professor at a university or college.  We will deliver a curriculum vitae that will highlight your educational experience; prompting a department head to contact you for an interview!

Proofreading and Editing

Do you have a story in your head, on paper, or on your computer that you would like to turn into a book?   Executive Business Writing is your source. I am a successful proofreader and editor and have several projects to my credit.  Ghost writing and book formatting are successful arms of our business as well.  My assignment is to coach you through the writing process of developing your manuscript into a successful book that can be enjoyed by your target audience. 

Small Business Start-up

If you’re looking to start your business and don’t know where or how to begin, give us a call and we will help you! Whether your desire is to start a small business, corporation, or non-profit agency, we can help. We have an excellent start up business package and we will assist with all of your initial start-up forms.  Our team can help with various aspects of your business.  The heart of which includes, website design, videography, photography, graphics, flyers, business cards, marketing and blog set up.

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the curriculum vitae that you prepared for me.  I would recommend you to anyone.  Also, thanks for being such a pleasant person to do business with.  Contact you soon.

God Bless You

Patricia McQueen


It’s been a blessing working with Dr. Crockett.  I came to her with a vision; a dream, and she’s been able to look at all the intricacies involved in making this venture a tangible reality. She’s gone above and beyond the call of duty and even taken of her personal time to lead me through my journey of developing our outreach. I truly consider Dr. Crockett an invaluable asset to any individual and/or group with professional needs for their organization.

Hector Andrade

Project Stand: A Christian Outreach Ministry

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