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Let Me Help You Get It Done

I’m Dr. Crockett-Goudy, founder and CEO of Executive Business Writing – a company that does the writing, so you don’t have to.

I take all of the guesswork out of what happens when you’re ready to publish your book, apply for your grant, start a new job or business and more.



Dr. Crockett’s books are written straight from the heart. They are informative and offer empowering words to help to enlighten and transform your life.

Dr. Crockett, Speaker


Get ready for an inspirational, motivational AND education experience that will leave you uplifted and ready to take on any task that is set before you.

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In addition many take their books from idea to fully published, Dr. Crockett has helped churche and new business owners get everything in order so they are starting of the right way.

Transforming Your Ideas Into the Words That You Need

Featured Services

Book publishing

Create, produce, and distribute your written works to the public.

Grant Writing

Write proposals to secure funding for specific projects or programs.

Business Startups

Ensure that all trademarks, permits, and legal documents are in order.

Notary Public

Witness and certify the authenticity of signatures to legal documents.

Resume/CV services

Professionally written resume and curriculum vitae to seal the job.


Inspirational and motivational talks and classes for women of all ages.

Empowered and Esteemed Communicator

My Most Requested

Speaking Topics

  • Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals¬†
  • Leadership For a Work/Life Balance
  • Living Your Authentic Life Unapologetically
  • You’ve Got a Reason to Tell Your Story
  • Growth In Leadership Competency and Capacity
  • Entrepreneurship Based on Christian Principles
  • What Legacy Are You Leaving? It’s Your Choice.

Personal Business Strategies

Starting a new business can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Having a clear pathway for every step of the set-up process will save you hours of time and stress.

Ministry Workshops

We design workshops specific to your group’s needs that provide valuable insight, practical strategies, and biblical principles that will impact the lives of each participant.

Book Launches

After you have written and published your book, our book launch will ensure that your book will also get support and into the hands of the people it is designed to serve. 

Not Sure Where You Should Start?

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